Disclaimer: Seth found the sound effects in Hangouts, just a warning.

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Story 1

Is Medium a Thing? Now the publishing platform introduces unlisted publishing, for those who want to share with just a select group of people.

Story 2

Google Domains Is Now In Public Beta – Will you use them?

Story 3

Does a company’s social media manager need to be certified?

Story 4

Are you addicted to Social Media?

Story 5

Top stories on Twitter in 2014. There are some interesting and some obvious ones.

Story 6

Adjust your privacy settings, a chrome extension can turn up hidden (though not private) pictures of you on Facebook. Kinda.

Story 7

Is Twitter Launching An Algorithmic News Feed Feature? ‘While You Were Away’ Spotted In The Wild

Story 8

Linkedin LIONs kill the Linkedin Experience

Story 9

The 10 biggest trends in Philly tech in 2014


Jody: PocketRanger – New Jersey State Parks and Forests Play Store Link // iTunes

Seth: Contap – no more business cards. Launching soon. Doylestown based CTO Det Ansinn of BrickSimple is developing it.

Howard: Foldio 2.0 (Kickstarter) – I’ve got the original Foldio and the new version is a bit larger. Great for taking small product shots with really nice lighting. 2 days left in the current Kickstarter campaign, already successfully unlocked all of its stretch goals (over $445,000). First Kickstarter campaign well run and it looks like they are on track to deliver this in March/April.