Social Media Addicts Podcast 58 - We Live in a LIVE Video World

In this episode, Seth and Howard discuss the live streaming revolution, the changing landscape for Snapchat, Facebook Messenger’s growth as a platform, and much more.

Show Notes:

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Story 1

Introducing New Ways to Create, Share and Discover Live Video on Facebook

Story 2

Snapchat is testing ads that contain advertorials like listicles

Story 3

Snapchat’s updated policies hint at bigger search, ad ambitions

Story 4

Nearly a third of all DMCA takedown requests are ‘questionable’, says report

Story 5

Facebook Messenger now lets you check-in to KLM flights

Story 6
Introducing Salesforce for Messenger

Also ZenDesk Message

Story 7

This chart demolishes the theory that millennials are abandoning Facebook

Story 8

Twitter is adding a new DM button to tweets so you’ll chat privately

Story 9

Instagram now lets you record 60-second videos, but it probably won’t make people any happier

Story 10

PayPal along with 80 other CEOs/Companies (including Apple, Twitter, and Facebook) are refusing to invest in North Carolina after the state government enacted an anti-LGBT law.



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