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Facebook Available Through Tor Network

To Ello or not to Ello

Google Inbox… Too much hype or great?

Apple May Have a Huge iPhone 6 Plus Recall on its Hands

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Today’s show is sponsored by Wistia. Wistia is a video hosting and analytics platform that helps businesses get the most out of online video. We use Wistia here at because it’s way more professional than Youtube and the data Wistia provides helps us understand exactly how our content is being consumed. Best of all, Wistia has a ton of free resources on their site to help those of us just getting started with video. They have tutorials on lighting, editing, choosing the right microphone, and an entire community dedicated to helping each other improve their videos. And did I mention they have a free version of their service that can hold up to 50 videos? Go check them out. It’s W-I-S-T-I-A dot com. The product is awesome, the learning resources are super helpful, and most importantly the team over there is fully of genuinely good folks.

Microsoft Teams Up With Dropbox

Will Advertising Be The End For SnapChat?

Question of the Week

What if every social media site went down for a week? (via Reddit)


Seth: Hootsuite (New UI Design) and EFF’s Surveillance Self Defense Website

Jody: Waze