Google Tries Social Again-SMA 60

In this episode Seth and Howard chat about yet another Google attempt at social… Google Spaces, great changes to Twitter, the Instagram redesign, LinkedIn helping people find pros and so much more.

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Story 1

Google releases Google Spaces for Group Sharing

Story 2

New Twitter tool to report multiple tweets at a time

Story 3

Twitter to not count photos or links in the 140 characters limit.

Story 4

Instagram is redesigned!

Story 5

‘Sign-In with Slack’ challenges Facebook, Twitter and Google for log-ins

Story 6

Twitter’s new Connect tab wants to help you find people to follow

Story 7

Facebook Live Saddles Up for NBC’s Kentucky Derby Coverage

Story 8

Facebook loses round one in privacy fight over photo tagging feature

Story 9

Instagram is testing analytics for businesses, too

Story 10

LinkedIn quietly releases Profinder

Story 11

Facebook will soon let anyone upload 360-degree photos, no fancy hardware required

Story 12

Periscope suicide could lead to closer scrutiny of live-streaming apps

Story 13

Uber debuts Trip Tracker so you can view a family member’s ride in real-time


Seth: WhatsApp now on PC and Mac Computers

Howard: 1 Second Everyday

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