Social Media Addicts Podcast 58 - We Live in a LIVE Video World

In this episode, Seth and Howard discuss the importance of owning your content and not fully relying on Facebook, Facebook Live for desktop and drones, tip jars on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud buddy up, the CIA has a venture capital wing, and much more.


Show Notes

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Story 1

Facebook pulls down mega-popular celeb site The Shade Room’s page without explanation

My response/reaction:

Story 2

Facebook Messenger Integrates Dropbox File Sharing Feature and group calling

Story 3

Facebook Live Expands to Desktop and Drones

Story 4

Too little, too late? → Google+ Rolls Out Updated Content Controls for Communities

Story 5

In Undisclosed CIA Investments, Social Media Mining Looms Large

Story 6

Twitter Embeds SoundCloud Audio Cards in Moments

Story 7

Nobody at Snapchat thought using a blackface Bob Marley filter for 420 was a bad idea

Story 8

Google gives speedier AMP-powered web pages a top spot in Google News

Story 9

Soon you might be able to earn money for posting on Facebook with a tip jar

Story 10, the easiest way to save your live streams couldn’t get funding. It’s closing May 4th.

Story 11

Facebook may soon have a standalone camera app to compete with Snapchat and Periscope

Story 12

Catch the Olympic Torch on Twitter



Seth: Facebook Launches Messenger Platform (Beta)

Build your own bot easily with

Howard: Snagit – screen capture, video, etc.

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