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In this episode, Howard and Seth talk about Facebook opening up Instant Articles to everyone, Google letting people post directly into the search results, Meerkat’s pivot and much more.

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Story 1

Facebook’s new WordPress plugin will make it easy for bloggers to publish Instant Articles

Story 2

Google’s letting people post directly in search results – starting with presidential candidates

Story 3

Meerkat is giving up on livestreaming to build a social network instead

Story 4

Playbuzz makes it easier to skip the boring parts with Video Snaps

Story 5

Google Hires 4Chan Founder Chris Poole

Story 6

Pandora raises its social media game with AMPcast, DIY audio messaging for artists

Story 7

Twitter’s Heart Beats the Star: 27 Percent Jump in Activity Since Favorites Became Likes

Story 8

Twitter Launches Customer Support Prompt via DMs, Customer Feedback Tools

Story 9

Twitter Introduces GIF Search on Mobile and the Web

Story 10

Just freaking cool: Google Docs now lets you export files as an EPUB ebook


Seth: Forgot to put one in. Shows off WordPress Jetpack Playing Cards.

Howard: Calendy –

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