Social Media Addicts Episode 54 - WTF Is Going On With Twitter

In this episode Seth and Howard try and figure out WTF is going on with Twitter, SnapChat leaks, Yahoo Japan helping in the killing of elephants and more.

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Story 1

Twitter to introduce algorithmic timeline! Ahhhh no. But you can opt out!

Story 2

Jack Dorsey responds to #RIPTwitter: No plan to reorder timelines next week

Story 3

Senior Executives Have Lost Faith in Twitter (Uh Oh)

Story 4

The End Of Twitter

Story 5

Snapchat Leak Reveals An Upgraded Messaging Experience With Audio & Video Calling, Stickers & More

Story 6

Apple Releases Apple TV Update With New Podcasts App

Story 7

GoPro Integrates With Periscope

Story 8

Why SoundCloud Will Be Worth More Than Spotify

Story 9

Yahoo just can’t catch a break can they? Activists says Yahoo Japan is helping encourage the slaughter of elephants

Story 10

The Pirate Bay now uses Torrents Time to let you stream all its movies and TV shows


Seth: Nuzzel and Ryver

Howard: Sucuri

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