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Story 1

No More 99 Cent Annual Fee for WhatsApp

Story 2

Google built a special version of YouTube for Pakistan so it could get 3-year ban lifted

Story 3

Not exactly Social Media related, but we will hear about it on Social Media. What will we do when Apple gets rid of the headphone jack on the next iPhone?

Story 4

Planet Facebook: 87% of world governments now on social network; Obama is most-‘liked’ leader

Story 5

Google Tests “What’s Hot” & “What’s Nearby” As Android Search Options

Story 6

Survey: Under 40 Percent Start A “Local Search” With A Search Engine

Story 7

Apple announces it will discontinue iAd App Network for developers on June 30th

Story 8

Friends Reunited website to close after 15 years

Story 9

In NYC, pay phones become free Wi-Fi hotspots—and masturbation stations


Seth: IntroNet – Easy way to introduce people (Now on Android and iOS)

Howard: Gravity Forms – best form component for WordPress
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