Social Media Addicts Album Art

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Story 1

Twitter Website Cards

Story 2

Belgium will fine Facebook $270,000 for every day that it tracks users who aren’t logged in

Story 3

More Than 500,000 People Watch Amanda Oleander Paint on Periscope — How Does She Do It?

Story 4

Uber And Lyft Join Forces With The White House To Offer Free Rides To Veterans

Story 5

Facebook Forms Computational Photography Team

Story 6
Twitch finally adds two-factor authentication to boost live streaming platform’s security

Story 7

Twitch fans watch 545.9M minutes of famous painter Bob Ross making art

Story 8

The future of

Tip of the Week!!
Gmail now searches your spam folder for missing emails


Seth: (I get it now and love it!)

Howard: Zoom H4nSP – About $250 from Amazon –

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