In this episode, Seth and Howard discuss Alphabet, Inc. Twitter’s CEO issues and more. Also we’re back on Hangouts! Woohoo!

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Story 1

Alphabet, Inc. is now the parent company of Google

Story 2

CNN and CBC Sued For Pirating YouTube Video

Story 3
Costolo Will Step Down From Board Once Twitter CEO Selection Complete

Story 4
NomadCast Is A Powerful Live Streaming App With Embeddable Player

Story 5

Reddit is now censoring posts and communities on a country-by-country basis

Story 6
Are Uber and Facebook Turning Users into Lobbyists?

Story 7

Remember Facebook Notes? Well they’re still there and getting a revamp

Story 8

Vine could soon let you add music to videos in app

Story 9
Periscope has received 1,391 copyright takedown requests so far — Twitter complied with 71% of them

Story 10

Twitter direct messages can finally be as long as you like

Twitter long DMs illustrated with Hunter S Thompson quotes: 10,000 characters is shorter than you think

Story 11

Witness’s Live-Streaming App Is A Panic Button For The Smartphone Age


Seth: BuzzFeed News for Android Beta

Howard: Communities on Google+ – yes really. Different than the Facebook groups.

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