In this episode Seth and Howard discuss Facebook’s plans for making money off of Messenger and WhatsApp, GoButler, Kim Kardashian actually doing something useful, Philly is a horrible place for a hitchhiking robot to hangout and much more.

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Story 1

Facebook’s Playbook For Monetizing Messenger And WhatsApp

Story 2

GoButler wants to be your new (and free!) digital on-demand concierge service.

Story 3

Did Kim Kardashian Just Make It Possible for Us to Edit Tweets?

Story 4

Google Hangouts gives users more control over how they’re contacted by others

Story 5

Theft, Lies, and Facebook Video

Story 6

The Philadelphia man who beheaded a Canadian hitchhiking robot was caught on video

And then… We can rebuild him


Seth: JustWatch – For Cord Cutters Android | iPhone

Howard: Exploding Kittens! Best packing slip ever.
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