In this episode Seth and Jody talk about how Google+ isn’t dead, how great the YouTube mobile face lift is, how ridiculous copyrighting jokes on Twitter is, and much more.

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Story 1

Google+ to be streamlined and unlinked from other Google services

Story 2

A new Instagram quick edit screen means even Instagram knows filters are passé

Story 3

YouTube mobile app gets a facelift with three new tabs

Story 4

Jack Dorsey’s First Order Of Business As Interim CEO? Twitter Support To The Stars

Story 5

Twitter Judges Tweeted Jokes Copyrightable

Story 6

The Three Qualities Twitter’s Next CEO Must Have

Story 7

Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo And Others Push For Accessibility Development

Story 8

Facebook Adds A Human Touch To The News Feed Algorithm

Story 9

Google will shut down abandoned Google+ Local pages on July 28


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