In this episode, Seth and Howard talk about Google’s new home for journalists, Apple and Apple News, Twitter’s requirements for their potential new CEO candidates, no erotic fiction ebook sales before 10pm in Germany, and much more.

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Story 1

Google Launches A New Home For Journalists With “News Lab”
Google’s News Lab helps journalists with their online reporting

Story 2
Apple begins accepting submitted publications into Apple News

Story 3
No more 140 Character Limit For Twitter DMs starting next month

Story 4
Twitter Board Says It Will Only Consider CEO Candidates “Willing To Make A Full-Time Commitment To Twitter”

Story 5
Snapchat Pauses Being Cool To Give Advertisers The Hard Sell

Story 6
It’s illegal to sell erotic ebooks in Germany before 10pm

Story 7
Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ feature finally graduates out of labs after six years


Seth: Straw update lets you create polls and broadcast them to the world from your phone (Android Link) (iOS)

Howard: ZodiaCat

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