In this episode Seth and Howard discuss how Facebook Messenger can be used for business customer service and commerce, how companies can use Instagrams to reach the younger set, almost 50% of people don’t know there are new domain extensions out there and much, much more.

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Story 1

Facebook Messenger for Business and the Return of F-Commerce

Story 2

How To Reach Millenials with Instagram

Story 3

Only 46% of Internet Users Are Aware Of New Domain Name Extensions

Story 4

Report: Marketers Still Struggle to Measure Social ROI

Story 5

Twitter makes your conversations easier to follow

Story 6

Anti-Vaxxers Are Using Twitter to Manipulate a Vaccine Bill

Story 7

Mark Zuckerberg, Let Me Pay for Facebook


Seth: The Great Suspender

Howard: MailChimp Automation

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