In this episode, Seth and Jody talk about Facebook integrating PGP encryption for its users, Google being even more transparent with what data it collects, and much more.


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Story 1

Facebook adds PGP

Story 2

Millennials rely on Facebook for politics news more than anywhere else

Story 3

Google launches a central hub for your security and privacy settings

Story 4

You can now hail an Uber straight from the Foursquare app

Story 5

Supreme Court Overturns Conviction in Online Threats Case

What the Supreme Court did NOT decide (Free Speech)

Story 6

Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover tops Kim Kardashian Paper cover on social media

Story 7

Ross Ulbrect Gets Life In Prison without Parole – Fair? No.


Seth: Google Photos

Jody: Cameo | Cameo (Crunchbase Entry)

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