In this episode, Jody is back. But now Howard is playing with bows and arrows with his kids. He’ll be back next week… we hope. HA!

Now for the show notes:

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Twitter now allows anyone to send you a direct message, even if you don’t follow them

WTF (At least it’s opt-in)

Story 2

The Tide Is Turning Against Comcast’s Proposal To Buy Time Warner Cable

Story 3

Facebook strips 200,000 pages of fake ‘likes’ in latest authenticity drive

Story 4

Social Media Can Help Track Tornadoes, But Was That Tweet Real?

Story 5

Google to debut tweaked search results prioritizing mobile-friendly sites tomorrow

Story 6

Instagram Will Finally Allow Breastfeeding Photos

Story 7

Why Linkedin acquired Lynda


Seth: Cloze SCRM and

Jody: JibJab Message for iOS and Android

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