In this episode, Jewel is a grand champion, Jody’s computer crashes, Seth and Howard talk Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Meerkat, Instagram and much more.

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Story 1

Facebook Unveils Facebook Pay, A Free Way For Friends To Exchange Money Using Messenger

Story 2
Facebook Plans To Turn Messenger Into A Platform

Story 3

How Meerkat is Going to Change the 2016 Election for Every Campaign, Reporter and Voter

Story 4

Reddit study: ShitRedditSays is site’s most toxic thread; TheRedPill is most bigoted

Story 5

It’s the relationship, stupid

Story 6

Instagram Launches Layout, Its Own Photo Collage App


Streaming music drowns out CD sales in US for the first time


Seth: Star Walk 2 – Night Sky Guide

Howard: RODE SmartLav+ ($79)

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