In this episode, Howard and Seth discuss Facebook’s fire hose of data going to marketers, Twitter and IBM teaming up to see if they can predict the weather, Meerkat getting the pitch from Twitter and more.

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Story 1

Facebook Opens “Topic Data” Fire Hose To Select Marketers

Story 2
Facebook wants to help advertisers target the 92 million expats who use the social network

Story 3

Report: Instagram Now Getting More Brand Posts Than Facebook

Story 4

With iOS And Android Plans, Even Cortana Is Part Of Microsoft’s Cross-Platform Strategy

Story 5

What On Earth Is Meerkat? And Why Should Brands Care?

Story 6

Twitter cripples Meerkat by cutting off access to its social graph

Story 7

This is just plain cool: Bitly launches Deep Links to help marketers drive users to mobile apps

Story 8

Twitter data + weather data = better customer insights, IBM finds

Story 9

LinkedIn Acquires HR Startup Careerify


Seth: Tweets and Consequences – 60 Social Media Disasters in Politics and How You Can Advert a Career-Ending Mistake by Mike Schlossberg (Member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives)

Howard: Drobo, redundant storage that grows without having to match drive sizes.

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