In this episode Seth and Howard discuss the new Pinterest ad options, including animated ads (yuck), why using your own blog is better than relying on social media exclusively, Instagram advertisers get to add links to their posts, Twitter and retargeting and much more.

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Story 1

Pinpoint Targeting & Animated Ads Coming To Pinterest Soon

Story 2

Why Using Websites, Blogs and Email Newsletters is Always More Effective than Social Media Sites

Story 3

TweetDeck accounts are being scrapped on March 31, replaced by Twitter logins

Story 4

Tweetdeck Makes Managing Company Twitter Accounts Easier

Story 5

Instagram Offers New Clickable Carousel Ads

Story 6

Facebook is changing how it counts “Likes.”

Story 7
Twitter’s new partner audiences’ will help more advertisers track you outside Twitter


Seth: Vivaldi Technical Preview – A New Type of Browser

From the makers of the Opera Browser, based on Chromium, the open source version of Chrome. Still in Technical Preview, but pretty solid.

Howard: Mailplane – Native Mac application for Gmail ($25)

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