We’ve made it to episode 20. We’re talking about all things social media this week. Including Twitter Video, YouTube for kids, LinkedIn ads and much more.

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Story 1

YouTube is launching an Android app for Children

(FYI, it’s available for iOS)

Story 2

YouTube Tightens Rules For Brand-Sponsored Videos

Well, they technically didn’t tighten it, but the clarification of the documentation has sent YouTube creators into a tizzy!

Story 3

The Twitter Dilemma

Story 4

5 Reasons Twitter Video Will Win

Story 5

Why Facebook will become the P&G of social media.

Story 6
LinkedIn’s new profile-driven ad network is a balancing act between users and marketers

Story 7

Polling Site Polar Not Dead (Or Acquired By Google) After All

Story 8

11 Google Apps you probably didn’t know existed.


Jody: BeenVerified – Background Checks

Seth: Latergram.me – Schedule Instagram Posts

Howard: Tile – don’t lose your keys!