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Story 1

No More Affiliate Links In Pinterest

If Pinterest hadn’t gone after affiliate marketers, the FTC might have

Story 2

What Facebook’s after-death settings mean for you and your family

Story 3 Is Uber For When Your Ride Breaks Down

Story 4

Snapchat Tries Our Stories For Locals Only

Story 5

You Can Now Use Foursquare Without Creating an Account

Story 6

Showing Relevance Scores for Ads on Facebook

Story 7

Ithaca: Visit Florida Keys instead because of ‘ridiculously stupid winter’


Howard: Google Forms – great way to collect survey data

Seth: Using Google Forms, I’m compiling Social Media Customer Service Tips for a book I’m putting together. Go here to be a part of it:

Link to Howard’s LinkedIn Webinar: Feb. 26th, 8pm EST: