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Story 1

Madonna is releasing a music video on Snapchat

Story 2

Net Neutrality might be the law of the land

FCC will reclassify the Internet. Telcos and Big Cable are suing

Story 3

Google Hangouts for customer service

Story 4

How the Snowden revelations have changed how journalist do their jobs, especially online and on Social Media

Story 5

Brian Williams is in trouble

Story 6
Twitter: U.S. government shares (some) info on data NSA requests from us

Story 7

Jon Stewart Will Leave ‘The Daily Show’ This Year – NO!!!!!!


Seth: Fwext – Lets you set 3 predefined text messages that can be called up with flicking your phone a certain way.

Howard: Instructables – great network for all types of DIY projects, crafts, cooking, around the house stuff, and technology stuff.

Jody:  Canary.is (Canary update  – GHOSTS!!!!